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Modelberry factory

Sync Typescript to Contentful. Two way. Models and content.

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Model your data in sync

Data modeling is a process. As a software project grows, data models change. Mbfactory provides an easy way to keep your data models in sync with your development.

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How does it work?

The example below shows how TSDoc tags are used to annotate typescript interfaces.

/** @modelberry
 * - {@plugin "@modelberry/plugin-contentful/plain"}
 * - {@type someModel}
 * - {@displayField title}
 * - {@description Some model description}
 * - {@name someModel}
export interface ContentfulSomeModel {
  /** @modelberry {@ignore} */
  __typename?: string

  /** @modelberry
   * - {@name Title within Contentful}
   * - {@required true}
   * - {@type Symbol}
   * - {@widgetId singleLine}
   * - {@helpText Used within Contentful, will never be displayed.}
  title?: string


Mbfactory is available as a free Node.js package on npm.


Mbfactory uses TSDoc tags to annotate typescript interfaces. The same tags you use to generate documentation.

Open source

Mbfactory is free to use and open source.


Mbfactory is structured around plugins. Easily add your own.